Bellydance, Ethnic, and Costuming Resources

Original haute couture Turkish Oryantal costumes.

Doğan Gök

Folkwear Patterns
Folkwear sewing patterns of ethnic and period clothing for theater and dance costumes, historic re-enactors and art-to-wear fashions.

Sara Cura
Minneapolis henna artist and local supplier of Zills, Hipscarves, and more!

Sim Moda Evi
Turkish Oryantal costumes since 1980.

Middle Eastern Dancers, Dance Schools, and Dance Companies

Artemis Mourat
Premier Turkish Romani and Oryantal performer, instructor, and ethnologist.

Aslahan Oryantal
Award-winning Turkish Oryantal and Romani dancer and instructor in Boston, MA

Eva Cernik
Premier Turkish Oryantal and Romani performer, instructor, and researcher.

Hopkins Community Education Bellydance Classes
Offering affordable bellydance classes for adults from Beginning through Advanced levels.

Reyhan Tuzsuz
the Queen of Turkish Romani Dance

Serkan Tutar
International Superstar and organizer of Rakkas Istanbul International Dance Festival

Silk Road Dance Company
Traditional Persian, Turkic, and Arabic Dances from the Silk Road and Middle East.
Dr. Laurel Victoria Gray, Artistic Director

Simon Sako
Artistic Director and Manager for the Al Awtar Zaffa group

Tania Luiz
Of Romani heritage, Tania Luiz lives in Portugal and travels the world to teach Turkish Romani, Oryantal, and Bollywood-style dances. She also offers free online dance tutorials and hosts sacred dance retreats in the beautiful Portuguese countryside.

Other Resources

Moroccan Caravan
All things Moroccan, including guided tours to Morocco.

Oriental Istanbul
Unique Istanbul Experiences combining Travel, Dance, and Music.

Radio Bastet
Where the Hafla Never Ends! All Vintage Bellydance Music, All the Time.