Amina Beres

Amina Beres began her Middle Eastern Dance journey in 1995, and since then has been fortunate enough to have learned from many of the foremost Middle Eastern dance artists in the world. While her dance studies originated with Egyptian and American-style Middle Eastern Dance, in 2007 she began studying Turkish Oriental and Romany. Since then she has incorporated these rich, exciting, and colorful styles into her classes, workshops, and performances.

A listing of every dancer, instructor, and troupe Amina has learned from and has been influenced by would fill volumes! Her main influences are Artemis Mourat, Eva Cernik, and Birgul Berai, however she continues to be influenced by her former instructors, local legends, and new performers who bring modern fusion styles and techniques to the genre.

An instructor and solo performer, in 2009 she formed the Turkish style dance troupe Dans Aşkina. She has also performed with other local dance companies under the direction of Mirah Ammal, Cassandra Shore and Margo Abdo O’Dell. As a soloist, Amina was featured at Seven Bridges World Market, El Bustan Restaurant, Jerusalem Restaurant, and the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe.

As an instructor, Amina teaches bellydance classes at private studios and through community education programs across the Twin Cities.

Amina draws on her years of teaching and performing to benefit her students and workshop participants. From weekly classes to individualized lessons for soloists or troupes, Amina can help you hone your technique, develop your individual style, and guide you through to your next level of creativity.

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picture by Ferguson Photo, Duluth MN