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Welcome to Bellydance Amina! Here you’ll find information about my Minneapolis-area classes, my Turkish Oryantal, Folkloric, and Romani-style dance roupe Dans Askina, our performance schedules, and much more.

Just what is belly dance or belly dancing? It generally refers to a wide variety of women’s dances originating from eastern Mediterranean (Turkey and Greece) and Middle Eastern countries. This is a dance by and for women, what you could call the mother of all women’s dances!

Bellydance in the United States has blossomed since it first appeared in the United States at the Chicago World’s Fair in the 1890s. Across the country dancers, troupes, and dance classes have blossomed into a large and varied bouquet of styles encompassing Turkish, Greek, Middle Eastern, North African, American Cabaret, American Tribal, Tribal Group Improvisation, Tribal Fusion, Steampunk, and more.

It’s a fascinating and fun art form that I have had the pleasure of learning, performing, and teaching since 1995.

picture courtesy of Mediterranean Cruise Cafe, Eagan MN

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