Bellydance, Ethnic, and Costuming Resources

  • Bella
    Original haute couture Turkish Oryantal costumes.
  • Doğan Gök
  • Folkwear Patterns
    Folkwear sewing patterns of ethnic and period clothing for theater and dance costumes, historic re-enactors and art-to-wear fashions.
  • Sara Cura
    Minneapolis henna artist and local supplier of Zills, Hipscarves, and more!
  • Sim Moda Evi
    Turkish Oryantal costumes since 1980.

Middle Eastern Dancers, Dance Schools, and Dance Companies

  • Artemis Mourat
    Premier Turkish Romani and Oryantal performer, instructor, and ethnologist.
  • Eva Cernik
    Premier Turkish Oryantal and Romani performer, instructor, and researcher.
  • Hopkins Community Education Bellydance Classes
    Offering affordable bellydance classes for adults from Beginning through Advanced levels.
  • June Seaney
    Turkish, Egyptian, and Romani Dance Instructor and Troupe Director
  • Laman Hendricks
    Azerbaijani and Georgian National Dances
  • Reyhan Tuzsuz
    the Queen of Turkish Romani Dance
  • Serkan Tutar
    International Superstar and organizer of Rakkas Istanbul International Dance Festival
  • Silk Road Dance Company
    Traditional Persian, Turkic, and Arabic Dances from the Silk Road and Middle East. Dr. Laurel Victoria Gray, Artistic Director
  • Simon Sako
    Artistic Director and Manager for the Al Awtar Zaffa group

Other Resources

  • Moroccan Caravan
    All things Moroccan, including guided tours to Morocco.
  • Oriental Istanbul
    Unique Istanbul Experiences combining Travel, Dance, and Music.
  • Radio Bastet
    Where the Hafla Never Ends! All Vintage Bellydance Music, All the Time.